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Kamis, 05 April 2012

Beware "Over Half a Million Esophageal Mac Malware"

Russian antivirus company reported that more than half of Mac computers have been infected with malware, Trojan Flashback. Virus designed to steal personal information of its users.
Russian companies, Dr Web, said that 550 thousand Macintosh computers infected by the growth of Mac botnet. However, recent developments, malware analyst Dr Web, Ivan Sorokin, announced that the number of infected computers increased to 600 thousand. The 274 known bots are from Cupertino, California.
He added that more than half of the infected Mac computers in the United States that is 57 percent with 303 449 units. Followed by Canada with 20 percent as much as 106 379 units, and United Kingdom with 12 percent of the botnet. Meanwhile, Australia was fourth with 32 572 of the infected host.
Malware was initially discovered in September 2011 by posing as a fake Adobe Flash Player installer. But within a few months ago, this malware has been exploiting the vulnerability to attack a target Java Mac systems.
A new variant that appeared last weekend seem to be taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of Java that Apple released yesterday.
CNet blogger, Topher Kessler explained that the malware was just visiting a malicious Web site containing the Flashback on OS X systems with Java installed will result in one of two routes installations. Malware will ask for an administrator password, and if one is given, the malware will install the package of code to the Applications folder.
If the password is not offered, the malware will install to a user account on the spot where the malware can run more globally.
Once installed, Flashback will inject the code into your web browser and other applications, such as Skype to collect passwords and other information from the user program.
Security firm F-Secure has published instructions on how to determine whether a Mac computer is infected or not with malware Flashback.


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